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1995 Toyota Supra

1995 Toyota Supra

AEM ems S2 30-6100

id1000cc injectors (93 octane)

triple AEM 320lhp pump (using ports 59b,68b, 72b)

PHR triple pump sending unit with double feed -8AN lines

AEM Uego (port 47b)

AEM tru boost (port 60b)

Hypertune Fuel Rail

Hypertune manifold

Hypertune 101mm throttle body

Aermotive FPR set at 43psi

hks 272's

040 wiseco pistons and oliver racing rods

PHR FMIC (5" core)

Precision 7675 Gt42 style

HKS 50mm wastegate

SP racing headers 

Aem 5 bar map sensor

EMail map to: carkrazysimreen@aol.com

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1989 toyota supra n/a chassis

1989 toyota supra n/a chassis,

2jzgte vvti aristo stock block,

bosch ev14 1700cc high imp,

precision 6766,

aem 5 bar map,

gm iat,

waste spark coils,

2002 mustang gt throttle body and tps

, aero fpr 43psi,


aem series 2 ems,

walboro 450.

looking for a good calibration to get my car started and driving.

my email is nhubatch@yahoo.com


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Aem V2 6101

Aem V2 6101

1995 Toyota Supra


.20 over CP pistons 8.5:1

Fuel Injector Clinic 1100cc

Pump gas

3bar map sensor part # 30-2131-50

Walbro 255 fuel pump

Aem Uego

Precision 6765 billet turbo

Sleeper designs intake manifold w/RMR 90mm throttle body

Lq9 coils

Looking for a base map to start my car. Thanks

My email is yangtoumoua@yahoo.com

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AEM Series 2 30-6601

AEM Series 2 30-6601

1996 Nissan 240SX

S13 Black Top SR20DET

OEM Rebuild

ID 1000cc Top Feed Injectors

Radium Top Feed fuel rail

Tomei FPR

Tomei ARMS Turbo M7960

Turbo Back exhaust


Walbro 255 Fuel pump

Stock MAP sensor


Greddy Intercooler with Piping

ISR Intake

Looking for Base Map to start up car.

My email is dnguyen1090@yahoo.com

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AEM V2 6050. Would you be

AEM V2 6050. Would you be able to provide a map for a stock 1989 Supra 7mgte?

Stock 440cc injectors

AEM 30-4110 

AEM boost solenoid

AEM 3.5bar MAP


Toyota factory Cam Sensor and coiled for 7mgte

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Anyone have a good base

Anyone have a good base ignition map for rb25det s2 stock turbo (non neo)? Nothing too aggressive, but something that would be fairly aggressive on a completely stock block and stock turbo. Also looking for a base config for NVCS. 


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6040 Base calibration

6040 Base calibration

Just Installed the EMS on a completely stock EG-CX looking to build the base calibration for the future setup. Yet the engine won't start and it is showing timing errors and couting.


I'll appreciate someone provide a base calibration to start working on, and get to understand the system a little better.


Thanks in advance,



mail: melvin.ports@yahoo.com

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If anyone out of the kindness of their heart would send a driveable calibration for a AEM 2 PnP 30-1620U Nissan 300zx 1994 5spd 3.0L TT; gasoline 91+ oct; 370cc stock injectors; single MAF intake.

Everything is basically stock in the car, I'm about to put a Selin 2nd gen Dual MAF system, I want to make sure the AEM ECU works. If you're professional tuner and you have the Selin 2nd gen doolz with 370cc inj calibration, send me a PM, I'm willing to make a donation for your efforts, granted, the calibration works.

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Nissan, 1995, 240sx, KA24DET

Nissan, 1995, 240sx, KA24DET

AEM Series II EMS P/N 30-6610
Lower End

  • Overbored to 0.020''
  • Wiseco Pro 89.5mm Ceramic coated pistons
  • Eagle Forged H-beam rods 


  • RC Engineering 1200 cc's/min @ 55 PSI Peak & Hold Injector PL4-1200 (Bosch style top Feed) and Resistor Pack
  • 93 octane
  • Tomei type S fuel pressure regulator
  • Walbro 255LPH fuel pump
  • AEM Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge 30-4100 (Installed 9 inches down from turbo on 3'' exhaust).


  • Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) and (IAA) Idle air adjustment from factory 240sx KA34DE still working and installed
  • Xcessive Manufacturing Intake Manifold 
  • Godspeed 90mm Throttle Body
  • Q45 Throttle Positioning Sensor (Easy to calibrate through AEM software)
  • Godspeed Intercooler (30x12x4 @ 3"  ports)
  • 30psi blow off valve adjustable spring tension.
  • Still using Nissans ATS 23 (Air Temperature Sensor)
  • IAT Sensor P/N 30-2010 installed on AEM EMS Pin 28 (Not sure how to configure and if I should just swop this sensor for the OEM sensor I have listed above?) Pin28 is listed on the diagram of the EMS but not the Pin Out sheet for the EMS.
  • AEM 30-2130 3.5 Bar MAP sensor 

Spark/ Ignition

  • Nissan Distributor for 1995 240sx and AEM CAS disk Installed  
  • Ridium spark plugs and wires.


  • Cheap eBay T3/T4 hybrid turbo with an A/R 0.70 and capable of 25-35 psi (temporary until finished build) 
  • AEM Boost Control Solenoid AEM30-2400 Installed on 
  • JGS400 wastegate 40mm and piped back into exhaust
  • JGS DOHC KA24DE cast iron exhaust manifold 
  • 3'' Megan Exhaust

I got rid of the clutch fan and connected aftermarket electric radiator fans to the hi/low relays and hope to control them with the Series 2 ECU. She starts now on the preloaded tune but stalls when the throttlebody opens. I will also be retuning when I add my Brian Crowler Stage Two Cams and Stainless steel Valves. Haven't found any guys into AEM EMS in south Jersey but hope going online helps.  

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I am after a base map for a

I am after a base map for a Honda S2000 AP1 2003 with an EMS v2, AEM 3.5bar map sensor, ID1000cc injectors, HKS SuperCharger and AEM UEGO.

Many Thanks

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Hello, I am after a base map

Hello, I am after a base map for a 2002 s2000. It has skunk 2 exhuast, berk 70mm test pipe, and a k&n drop in filter. Everything else is stock. 91 octane. Please and thank you.

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i'm looking for the startup

i'm looking for the startup basemap calibrations for a

​1996 Toyota Soarer 1jz-gte manual R154 (using the AEM V2 from driftmotion)

Toyota Supra 2jz-gte manual R154 using the Supra AEM V2

​Toyota Supra 2jz-gte manual V160 using the Supra AEM V2

email : kingdeem242@gmail.com



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B18C4 Honda standard

B18C4 Honda standard injectors 240cc, running t3/t4 turbo looking for 12psi boost, everything else is standard looking for a basemap

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EMS part number, Vehicle Year


EMS SERIES 2 PLUG N PLAY 30-6050  Honda Civic Type R EK9 00 1,6 B16B Stock Injectors ,Gasoline, Stock MAP

Only need startup base calibration please.

Thanks guys!  

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I would like to request a

I would like to request a decent startup map for-

02 Lexus is300

Aem series 2 6050 box

2jz-ge with eagle rods 

supra tt pistons roughly 9.0 : 1 comp

850cc deleen injectors

fuel pressure set at 32psi idle

5 bar map sensor

Email  jpellius@yahoo.com

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i1993 nissan 240sx  

i1993 nissan 240sx  



1993 nissan 240sx
1jz non vvti 
840cc sard/denso injectors
Bosch 044
Stock map sensor
Aem eugo wideband
Mab boost solenoid

Tx62 turbo 
50 mm wastegateband


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Subaru STI 2005


Subaru STI 2005

AEM Series 2 EMS 01v24

2.7 liter, 2200cc Injectors Bosch, 93 octane fuel, OEM map sensor, 6466 turbo

email- edshobbies@aol.com



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30-6052 EMS / 1999 honda

30-6052 EMS / 1999 honda s2000 / brian crower valves dule springs steal retainers / k&n intake / berk 3" exhaust / stock injectors / stock sensors / 99 octane pump gas

i realy need a start up calibration please i can  not find a stock ap1 start up calibration in the folder there is just a super charged one. any help would be great  my email is dougle@live.co.uk


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Does anyone have a

Does anyone have a calibration for a lexus sc300 with twin turbo coils?

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Hi Iam look for a base map

Hi Iam look for a base map for a stock RB20DET. Can anyone help it will be just for startup with air temp and map . 

Thank You

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30-6100 EMS, Toyota Supra

30-6100 EMS, JDM Toyota Supra 2JZGTE VVTi 3.0L, stock Denso 440cc injectors, 93 octane pump gas, 4 bar Omni MAP sensor, Borg Warner turbo S366 .91 A/R, 4" air intake, 3" piping FMIC, 46mm waste gate. Need a good base map please! Email bsees90@hotmail.com

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I'm looking for a reliable

I'm looking for a reliable starting map for my build.  30-6050 EMS, 1989 Toyota Supra MKIII,  7mgte 3.0L turbo-charged engine with ported heads and BC264 cams, Bosch 750cc high-impedance injectors, 93 octane pump gas, GM 3.5 bar MAP sensor. Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.