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Infinity PnP Harness and Fuel Pump

I have an Infinity 6 with PnP Harness for my Evo 8.
I noticed that the PnP harness connect only PIN 22 for fuel pump and not connected the PIN 39 that is the pin for High Voltage.
Now...in this config I think that the fuel pump work only in low voltage condition and never in high voltage condition.
It's right ?

P.S.: total engine and electric harness is stock...and the low/high voltage circuit for fuel pump too! not rewired.


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It's actually the other way

It's actually the other way around, only full voltage will be supplied. You will no longer be able to reduce the pump speed. On the vehicle wiring Pin 22 activates the relay which drives the pump, Pin 39 would activate the low speed/voltage function.

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If you want, you can wire it

If you want, you can wire it back in. Here is some more info http://aemelectronics.com/?q=forum/adding-back-low-speed-fuel-pump-setup