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AEM 50-1000 compatible with PWM control?


I would like to drive my AEM 50-1000 using a PWM from a Holley EFI system.

I was thinking of using a solid state relay (such as a Hella 4RA 007 865-031) to drive the pump directly and wondered if this would be an issue for the pump if OK? Are there any limitations that I should be aware of?

Alternatively, I was thinking of using something like Corvette C6 fan controller to turn the PWM into a variable voltage. Again if this was OK, is there a range of voltage I should stay within?




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I contact AEM support and

I contact AEM support and they provided an answer:

"You can do either one. We have tested the pumps using the solid state relay you reference to. The voltage range for the pump is 6-18v"



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BogBeast, I don't think you

BogBeast, I don't think you can use a fan controller from a Corvette effectively on your fuel pump.  I tested some different junkyard options and found that the fan controllers were not useful in fuel pump control because they have a soft start feature that ramps the fan up real slow.  I tested some Ford Fusion fan controllers(which look identical to a Corvette Bosch controller)  When I wired it to my pump, set the software to 100%, it would take 20 seconds for the fuel pump to ramp to full speed.  This is bad if you are cruising at 40% duty, then go WOT and make full boost within seconds. 

I did manage to make a Ford fuel pump driver work with the Infinity and I've been running it now for almost two years on a Magnafuel 4303.  It responds instantly to commands.  I ended up using the Fusion fan driver for my cooling fan.  Doing these two upgrades cut my amp draw bigtime at idle and cruising.  My fan sits around 20% most of the time and 176 degrees engine temp.

The other cool factor is that the fuel or fan drivers with connectors, cost me $9-12 each from the local u-chop yard.

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