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30-3301 V2 LED Indicates Low Water Only while on Boost with Full Water Tank

Purchased a new 30-3301 V2 with 5 gallon tank with an AEM in-line filter for my 2004.5 Dodge 2500 5.9 diesel in December 2016. It has had the problem that I am about to explain since day 1. Tank and pump are in the bed of the truck. I have used "blue" washer fluid of different strengths and also straight distilled water.

When I turn on the key to start the truck I get a bright green light on the remote LED, then it goes dim (normal operation) at this time there isn't a low water indication. As I drive and when minimum boost is reached I get 1 bright flash on the remote LED and then remote LED goes off and stays off and 1 red flash on the control unit (indicating low water). All of this seems normal for the system except the tank is full. Reading through the different posts it has been indicated that possible bad connection at the level sensor or a bad sensor. I purchased a new sensor with the same results; I even tried closing the air cap on the sensor but no change. I unplug the sensor and bridge the connection in the plug and all is well with the LED's.

It should be mentioned that with everything plugged in normally it will indicate low water if the tank is empty when you first turn the key on (low water sensor is working).

I have supplied 20psi of compressed air and turned the low boost control up and the pump turns on and water sprays normally but LED’s indicate low water with the tank full.

Why does the unit think there is a low water only after the pump has turned on because boost has been reached but not before boost. 

Any help greatly appreciated.