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17 Devices Now Validated to Work with AEM’s CD-7 Digital Dash Display!


17 Devices Now Validated to Work with AEM’s CD-7 Digital Dash Display!
CAN-based dash reads channels from two independent inputs and seamlessly blends data

Hawthorne, CA—AEM has validated 17 different 3rd party devices that will communicate with the CD-7 Digital Dash Display, and is currently completing validation on 21 more applications. A list of validated applications is below:

  • Haltech V2 CAN. Elite, Platinum Pro, Platinum Sport ECU’s
  • Haltech WBC1, Single channel CAN wideband
  • Haltech WBC2, Twin channel CAN wideband
  • Hondata S300 v3
  • Hondata K-Pro
  • Motec M1 ECU
  • Motec PLM
  • Motec PDM15
  • Motec PDM16
  • Motec PDM30
  • Motec PDM32
  • Techmor AC-1-4, 4 Channel Analog Expansion module
  • Techmor IR-1 Non-Contact IR Tire Temperature module
  • Techmor AP-1, 16 Channel Aero Pressure Sensor module
  • Techmor SG-1-C, Strain Gauge Amplifier module

The CD-7 works with AEMnet-enabled devices, and it includes templates with channel lists for AEMnet-enabled ECUs that shorten the setup process. It works with:

  • Infinity ECUs (all Series)
  • Series 2 EMS
  • EMS-4
  • Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM)
  • 4-Channel Wideband UEGO AFR Controller
  • Wideband Failsafe
  • Flex Fuel Wideband Failsafe

AEM is in the process of validating more 3rd party CAN bus DBC files, and has DBC files available for more 3rd party applications that have not been validated but are available for download. However, AEM cannot guarantee the accuracy of these files until they have been hardware tested. A list of available but non-validated applications is available here (click “Supported Apps“ tab).

“We have received a tremendous response from the racing community with the release of the CD-7, and we want to make sure that we support all popular 3rd party CAN bus-equipped devices. We will be working hard to continue the validation process throughout 2017”, stated Director of Product Development John Romero.

The CD-7/CD-7L color digital displays (PN 30-5500 CD-7 / PN 30-5501 CD-7L Logging) feature a super bright, high contrast, sunlight readable display and include an integrated glare diffuser and shade hood so that they are readable in even the brightest daylight conditions. They are designed to accept channels from CAN bus connections and do not currently include analog inputs. Two CAN bus channels are included so that it can receive and collect data from AEMnet enabled devices such as the Infinity ECU, Series 2 EMS or EMS-4, and 3rd party devices including PDMs, CAN sensor modules and programmable engine management systems.

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